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Tattoo Ink MSDS

Infinity Colorworks Materials Safety Data Sheets

This is a page created for tattoo artists by tattoo artists. Here, you can find all there is to know about each and every tattoo ink produced by Infinity Colorworks.

Our customers’ well being is extremely important to all of us at Infinity Colorworks. Equally as special is the family of tattoo artists that use our products and stand by our many different lines of tattoo ink. We like to provide you with everything you could ever need when using our product: Here, you will find documents on the technical contents of our pigments. Please feel free to download and print the information you are looking for, and perhaps keep it in a folder near your workspace. Because we at Infinity Colorworks believe in transparency, we have shared the Material Safety Data Sheets for each product that we manufacture.

We believe you have a right to know what you are putting into the skin. While we are confident that we are doing everything in our control to ensure that we release safe and sterile tattoo inks to the masses, we are also realistic and understand that every so often there are events that occur out of our control and we acknowledge the possibility of such things such as an allergic reaction. This can happen with all cosmetics; mascaras, hair dyes, body cream, etc. In the event of an issue like this one, we want our tattoo artist to be prepared. These sheets provide you with any information you might need to present to a doctor or specialist to get your client back to health again.

On the attached MSDS you can find the following information for all of our color tattoo inks:

1.Chemical Product and Company Identification

2.Composition/Information on Ingredients

3. Hazards Identification

4.FirstAid Measures

5.Fire Fighting Measures

6.Accidental Release Measures

7.Handling and Storage

8.Exposure Control/Personal Protection

9.Physical and Chemical Properties

10.Stability and Reactivity

11.Toxicological Information

12.Ecological Information

13.Disposal Considerations

14.Transport Information

15.Regulatory Information

16.Other Information

This is an example of the MSDS specifications for every ink in the Infinity Lineup

MSDS Sheet 1

second msds sheet

msds sheet 3

m.s.d.s. page 4